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Nine Best Moments of Ultra 2013, Day Two: Deadmau5, Borgore, and Nobody F#$%ed a Tree

Every year, Ultra Music Festival slashes through the fabric of space-time and opens up a portal into an alternate dimension.

Night is brighter than day. Silence is the loudest noise you hear. And bass is the only currency that matters.

Here is some of the weird shit we saw on day two of Ultra 2013.

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9. Datsik Stayed Cool

Heat and speaker-draw fried Datsik's laptop. So he switched to CDs with minimal bullshit and the crowd stayed with him through the whole thing. At the end, he said: "It's not what happens, it's how you react. Thanks, Ultra!"

8. Borgore Turnt Up

Ratchet pussy, drugs, and bass defined a massive set that saw Borgore doing jumpkicks, climbing speakers, and getting out from behind the booth to really put on a show. At least one fan was ready for anything

7. Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano

This Dutch duo's early-ish daytime set didn't stop the people from taking over Biscayne Boulevard with beat-freak madness.

6. Nobody Fucked A Tree

Can you believe it? The Arbor Day Foundation must be stoked.

5. Matt and Kim Like Tits

Kim stood up and said: "I've seen more side-boob today than I've ever seen in my life. Mine are kind of small, but I've got 'em out too!"

4. Hangin' With Friends

These party people brought their own hammock and hung it between two palm trees facing the main stage. Two girls, one hammock.

3. All of the Lights

Every two or three seconds, no matter where you were on the festival grounds, this happened. An extremely intense white flash popped the night wide open like an LED factory exploding.

2. Creatures

These two alien life forces sauntered into Infected Mushroom's set on the live stage.

1. Deadmau5

No matter how much shit he talks, people love his music. And the King Rat ruled day two at Ultra 2013.

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