N.E.R.D Headlining Future Classic Festival at Soho Studios

It seemed for a while that Miami could play host to multiple music festivals. But after the rapid demise of Bang! (we hardly knew ye) and the sudden cancellation of Langerado, it seems like nobody will be able to match the success of Ultra, so far the city's only music festival that has proven it has lasting power.

Well, perhaps its been their approach. Bang tried to basically create an Ultra 2.0 in the fall, but when it changed to a single-stage format and booked mediocre supporting acts it saw the rug being pulled out from under its feet. And Langerado suffered from changing too soon and too quickly, alienating it core fan base.

So what makes the emerging Future Classic Festival so different? Well, for one the only national act scheduled for the September 12 event so far is N.E.R.D. The rest of the acts are 100 percent local, which isn't a bad thing. Awesome New Republic, Afrobeta, Locos Por Juana, Suenalo, ¡Mayday! and more all represent some of the strongest local acts. And top that off with local DJs like Danny Daze, Tom Lorac, Induce, Contra, Ray Milian and more this thing is starting to shape up to be perhaps the best and most complete local music festival we've ever seen.

The festival takes place at Soho Studios (2136 NW 1st Avenue, Miami). Tickets start at the low price (considering the number of acts) of $20 for general admission, $70 for VIP via Wantickets.com. Our only quip is the age limit which has been set at 16+ -- music festivals shouldn't have age limits.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.