Nas Keeps on Battling Fox News

It's no secret that Nas and Bill O'Reilly aren't exactly best friends. O'Reilly has been slamming rappers for as long as I can remember on his overly popular televison show, the O'Reilly Factor and Nas is one of his biggest targets. Of course, Nas has taken a few lyrical jabs at O'Reilly in return, perhaps the biggest coming on his latest single, "Sly Fox" where Nas calls the station exactly what it is, a propaganda machine.

Now that the lines have been drawn in the sand, check out this recent video clip of Nas at a recent Fox News protest calling for an end to the stations racist attacks on the Obama family. Hopefully, Nas will perform "Sly Fox" this weekend when he's in town with a slue of other rap heavyweights for the Rock the Bells concert on Saturday at Bayfront Park.

-Jonathan Cunningham

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