Murs's new album, Murray's Revenge, is a followup to his last collaboration with underground producer 9th Wonder, 2004's critically acclaimed Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition. Although that album was moodily introspective — its cover image featured Murs under a streetlamp, tipping his hat toward the night sky — Murray's Revenge is bright and accessible, ranging from the anthem "LA" to assertive battle tracks like the self-titled cut. A storyteller in the tradition of Ice Cube and Slick Rick, Murs rhymes about a nine-year-old youth led astray by "the big homey standing out on the corner/He got real guns, not the ones from G.I. Joe/Feared and respected, like everywhere he go" on "Dreamchaser." Unpredictably he delivers a dedication, "D.S.W.G. (Dark Skinned White Girls)," in which he says, "She talk with that tone but she's white to the bone/You would swear she was black if you spoke on the phone." 9th Wonder laces the album with genuine bangers like the head-nodder "Murray's Law" and the dreamy anti-love song "Silly Girl." But Murs's detailed raps are the highlight of Murray's Revenge.

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