MP3 of the Day: Induce's New Hometeam Podcast

Manuvers and Induce are part of the Hometeam series of podcasters that I blogged about last week. The current edition from Induce is a blast that really digs into some awesome soul, funk, and other classic black musical forms, highlighting the local DJ's encyclopedic knowledge of music. In fact it's part of his Classic Black series. Best of all it's free as shit and you can stream it or download it here. It's very good.

Track listing after the jump.

1. Electric Power Band - Pappa Smerf
2. Southside Johnny & The Jukes - Get Your Body On The Job
3. Hurt Em' Bad - You Got The Ball (Instrumental)
4. Messenger Service - Get Streetwise
5. Ronnie Thang & The Things - Nuclear Freeze
6. The Human Body - Make You Shake It (Produced By Roger
7. The Motor City Crew - Let's Break
8. Shango - Let's Party Down
9. Galaxxy - Sexy Style
10. Woods Empire - Sweet Delight
11. Brass Construction - Walkin' The Line
12. T.S. Monk - Too Much Too Soon
13. Heaven & Earth - I Feel A Groove Under My Feet
14. Jimmy G. And The Tackheads - Clockwork (Produced By
George Clinton)
15. Philippe Wynne - Wait Till Tomorrow/Bye Bye Love
16. Debra Hurd - Hug Me, Squeeze Me
17. Marcel King - Reach For Love
18. G.T. - Down For The Count
19. Warp 9 - Light Years Away
20. Pushe - Don't Take Your Love Away
21. Stevie Wonder - Go Home

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