Morgan Page on EDM in 3-D: "Maybe 4-D -- That Takes It Too Far"

Ever thought, Bro, these EDM shows just couldn't get any more intense, with, like, all these lasers and LED screens and pyrotechnics and confetti cannons and robots on stilts and naked people?

If you've answered "Yes!" then your imagination obviously sucks and you've never fantasized about electronic dance music in 3-D.

Thankfully, though, Morgan Page is a visionary party pro who dreams of seeing your beat-freaking ass all aquiver with wonder at superadvanced stereoscopic visuals.

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"It's pretty crazy!" Page exclaims. "There's never been a setup with this kind of hi-res 3-D. So, it's brand-new technology that started with Michael Jackson's This Is It tour. But we have the latest iteration of the technology.

"It's basically hi-res LED panels that we hang up in a room," the DJ explains, "and we have special 3-D software, and it creates a real immersive environment. Like you're actually in the show."

Of course, you'd be so wrong, bro, to think Page's 3-D party is just some rave at the cineplex.

"Yes, it was something that was kind of inspired by IMAX movies like Avatar," he admits. "But with this show, there's moments when you're flying through canyons and going through different landscapes, and then, suddenly, there are abstract shapes that appear to circle around me, the performer.

"The visuals are also very crisp. There is a lot of depth. And it's even more nuanced than most movies that you'd see in a 3-D theater," Page claims.

You still gotta wonder, though, whether the club really needs to become a theme park. "I think maybe 4-D, that takes it too far," the DJ laughs. "You know, where you're just totally jostled and sprayed in the face.

"I wanted to create a new experience. I didn't want to go out on the road and do another 2-D tour with the same old cryo and confetti and all that stuff. I want people to remember forever where they were when they discovered the hi-res 3-D concert."

OK, Mr. Page, you visionary party pro. Send over some anti-nausea pills and a pair of glasses. Let's do this EDM-in-3-D thing.

Morgan Page in 3D. With Audien and Maor Levi. Wednesday, October 30. Mansion, 1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. The show starts at 11 p.m., and tickets cost $76 plus fees via Ages 21 and up. Call 305-695-8411, or visit

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