More News From Induce: "Her and I" Solo MP3, Casual Sax "Feeling Yucky" Video

After causing quite a comment stir with his unique sense of humor on this post last week, Induce is out to prove to the nonbelievers that he, indeed, has some musical prowess of his own to showcase. In that post, Induce mentioned his new solo album, Halfway Between You and Me, under the moniker The Wonderful Sound of Induce. Below, check out its lead single, "Her and I," in which he shows off his crooning vocals and new-age production skills.

Oh, and here's more for all the Induce watchers out there: "Feeling Yucky" is the newest video addition off his joke-man-band with Sven Barth, Casual Sax. Indeed, Induce felt a bit yucky after reading all the would-be musical pundits' comments on this blog, but then he remembered he had just flown to London for a DJ gig with Kid Sister, and felt better. In Diddy's own words: "Fuck the haters." Get the solo MP3 below, and check out the Casual Sax video after the jump.

Download: The Wonderful Sound of Induce - "Her and I"

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