More Lulz from Eurovision, Possibly Unintentional

Because today’s a slow, lazy holiday, here are some more highlights from last week’s and weekend’s Eurovision song contest. The previous blog entry looked at some countries’ intentionally funny entries. Now is time for some possibly unintentional lulz.

Azerbaijan: Elnur & Samir – “Day After Day”

It looks like they’re on some kind of Dio Heaven-and-Hell trip, by way of the Backstreet Boys and the White Party.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Laka – “Pokusaj” (Try)

Alright, fine, there’s no way they were entirely serious about this. I wonder what the significance of that laundry line is. Props to them for singing in Bosnian. With those costumes, if they sang in English, hipsters might love them for a few minutes.

Lithuania: Jeronimas Milius – “Nomads in the Night”

Awesome. This sounds and looks like an outtake from that abandoned Interview with the Vampire musical Broadway types were trying to put together a couple years ago. Or, add and eye patch and he could kind of be a sexy pirate. And speaking of pirates….

Latvia: Pirates of the Sea – “Wolves of the Sea”

Yes, this is total crap, but something leads me to believe it’s not completely in jest like Dustin the Turkey. I think they were aiming for the very possible gimmick win (see Lordi’s “Hard Rock Hallelujah, the 2006 winner), and I can totally hear this getting played at some random European backpacker bar at 3 a.m. to great effect. Proof: This actually made it to the finals. – Arielle Castillo

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