More Indie Rock at the Legion Tomorrow Night with the Andalusians, From DC

The Andalusians are not from Spain; they are from Washington, D.C. They are not horses, either; they are nice white kids. Basla Andolsun is the lady in charge of the act, and to further stamp her über-coolness, her outfit's got a seven-inch out on Dischord Records (for the uninitiated, that's a a D.C. powerhouse of punk and indie music). Her sound is sweet blend of funky soul and indie rock, a nice musical amalgam from her days playing with Del Cielo and DC's bizarro Edie Sedgwick Band.

However, if she's a little too mellow for your Tuesday needs, joining the fun will be Miami heavies Consular, Kenny Powers-loving Bulletproof Tiger, wanna-be Chicago Housing Authority rockers Cabrini Green, and Bakeracted!, who require no funny-business surrounding their moniker. Check the video out and rock out with the confidence of the Legion's affordable pricing.

The Andalusians, with Consular, Bulletproof Tiger, Cabrini Green, and Bakeracted! Tuesday, March 2. Harvey's by the Bay at the American Legion, 6445 NE 7th Ave., Miami. Show starts at 7 p.m., admission is $5. 954-394-2763.

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