Modernage Comes Out of Hiding for a Gig at Kill Your Idol September 29

Been wondering what's up with Modernage lately? You're not alone. Fact is, the normally ubiquitous indie crew has been tucked away from the local scene. And it isn't because the five-piece was off on the Left Coast, slipping south down the seaboard to Mexico again.

"We went away on purpose," explains vocalist Mario Garibaldi. "And now we are ready to start playing more often."

Seems the much-buzzed band has been hard at work, "Spending most of our time developing material that needed more time, laying down the groundwork for what will be our debut LP."

That has to make fans excited. Modernage's previous releases -- two EPs, titled Receiver and Sirhan Sirhan, and single "Srangers/This Song" -- generated major talk. For the new album, Garibaldi says: "We have decided on 15 songs to be recorded, from which 11 will be in the album. It's a combination of new material that has been written with the full band and old demos that we could never get around to expand on. We are all excited."

And Wednesday, September 29 at Kill Your Idol, not only will fans get a chance to see Modernage live for the first time since the band took its hiatus back in April, but we'll also hear three or four new songs from the album-in-progress.

"I think we all miss playing live," Garibaldi says. "There was a time when that was all we did. We think February will be a good release date and so we will be playing and working hard and will definitely be more visible as that date nears," promises Garibaldi.

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