Mixtape Of The Week: Ya Boi Chad - Live Band & A Mic

A lot of Miami's more prominent rappers usually represent neighborhoods north and even way-north of Flagler street, but the southern end of the county has rarely had much talent make it to the forefront of the local hip-hop scene.

Here to change all of that is a Goulds-based rapper by the name of Chad -- or Ya Boi Chad to be more specific. Last month he released his most recent mixtape called Live Band & A Mic, which by the sound of it may not have a live band on it after all, but more so a traditional hip-hop based production.

With Live Band & A Mic, Chad put out various song styles. Musically, the production across the board is completely in sync with Chad's demeanor and various rhyming styles.

More uplifting and upbeat songs like "Light Man" and "Like Candy" highlight the brighter side of Chad, while darker songs like "Talking To Your

Picture," "Distorted," and "Voicemail" show off  the lyrical side that

Chad is clearly capable of -- even though we feel he's holding back a bit

for the sake of not coming across as too complicated to the listener. A

song called "Bubble Gum Dumb Song" is Chad's

blatant attempt to what we assume is half-mockingly conforming to commercial

radio's demands, and is contrasted by a more street oriented track like

"Let Me Hold Something," which concludes the mixtape.

Backed by Rick Ross' powerhouse DJ, Sam Sneak and the Jam Squad

Entertainment team, Ya Boi Chad is aligning all of his cards and about

to play them right. He has a lyrically-tinged southern-styled flow to

his music. I personally think he still has a bit of developing left to

do as an artist, but the potential to be one of the greats is there.

Chad has the character and the confidence to lead his listeners towards

any mood he's painting with his songs. Download Live Band & A Mic below.

Download: Ya Boi Chad - Live Band & A Mic

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David "Dro" Rosario