¡Mira Que Lindas! Series Continues With Yamadu Costa, Tonight at Awarehouse

For those keeping track, ¡Mira Que Lindas! continues, and we keep telling you to go check it out. There were the opening festivities with Pacha Massive. There was Perrozompopo throwing it down and accompanied by DJ Le Spam. There was the Aleks Syntek acoustic showcase. There was a live performance by the talented and oh-so-lovely Debi Nova. Fangoria rocked the hiz last weekend.

And now we're nearing the end. One fourth of the Northern Mexican electro outfit Nortec Collective will present his new solo project this Saturday, when Clorofila closes out the three-week installment of pop art and music. But first, there's another acoustic showcase by an incredibly talented guitarist-songwriter from Brazil: Yamandu Costa.

Yamandu began his study of the guitar at the rather precocious age of seven, with his father, Algacir Costa, who was band leader of Os Fronteiriços. The early education sows. A virtuoso with a deep connection to the folk music of his native Brazil, he incorporates styles as diverse as bossa nova, milonga, tango, samba, and others most of us not from Brazil have never heard of.

Check him out tonight at Awarehouse for the second to last show in the ¡Mira Que Lindas! series.

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