Winter Music Conference

Miguel Migs

Miguel Migs's music is not easy to classify. He hails from Northern California, and hints of the Golden State can be found shining through his productions with chill, soulful beats infused with jazzy horns and an assortment of other influences. Classy deep house tracks have made dance music's pretty boy known for his topnotch remixes and original productions. The Check This Out EP's four tracks of uplifting funky house music are versatile enough for listening to in a dimly lit lounge or in the comfort of a living room. Expect to hear new music from Migs's Salted Music label and samples of unreleased material for the conference.

1. Miguel Migs, "Life and Music" (Salted Music)
2. Lisha Project, "Feel (Chuck Love Cop-a-Feel Dub)" (Salted Music)
3. Miguel Migs, "Check This Out (Migs Funky Breaks Mix)" (Salted Music)
4. Chuck Love, "Spread the Love" (Salted Music)
5. "November Jazz" (Salted Music)
6. Kaskade, "Safe (Deep Down Dub)" (Salted Music)
7. Miguel Migs, "Do It for You (Bump the Tech Dub)" (Salted Music)
8. Chuck Love, "El Divorcée" (Salted Music)
9. Roomsa, "Ether" (Salted Music)
10. Chuck Love, "Back in My Life" (Salted Music)

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