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Miami's Ten Best Live Music Venues

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8. The Stage

The stage itself at The Stage isn't all that big. That's why it's not unusual to see band members standing in the crowd. This Midtown venue's concerts are eclectically programmed -- funk bands, St. Vincent, and soul mystic Cody Chesnutt have all washed their hands in the same busted backstage sink. But most of the time, whatever's playing at The Stage is good dancing music. Well, not in an EDM way, but in a rose-in-the-teeth, hands-on-a-sultry-stranger's-hips way. There are also multiple bars, plenty of cushions to plop down on, and an outdoor area with a decent view of The Stage's stage and those sultry dancing strangers.

7. Gusman Center for the Performing Arts

Did you know that the MetroMover has a stop along the Mediterranean coast? Well, it doesn't. But it does stop near the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts. And inside, this grand old theater looks a lot like a European coastal courtyard.

The programming includes ballet and opera. But the Gusman's got live music too. And this year marks the inaugural summer season of the DWNTWN Miami Concert Series, featuring shows by City of God, Eric Hutchinson, The Wailers, and Grupo Treo. Oh, and the shows are free. So you can even go and just use the bathrooms, if you want. They are really nice.

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