Club Space Highlights the Martinez Brothers for Miami Music Week

The Space Invaders: David Sinopoli (left), Davide Danese, and Coloma Kaboomsky
The Space Invaders: David Sinopoli (left), Davide Danese, and Coloma Kaboomsky
Photo by Chris Carter
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David Sinopoli is an exciting character. As musical director of the famed bar Bardot, cofounder of the III Points music fest, and one-third of the triad now trying to right the foundering ship Club Space, he knows a thing or two about Miami music. The shows Sinopoli and crew have assembled for Miami Music Week – both at Bardot and Space – prove as much.

I’m excited about what we have going on," says Sinopoli, one of the figures profiled in this week's feature story about Miami's 24-hour club scene. "The attention to detail and the professionalism they take towards these things is really admirable.”

Sinopoli’s time in Miami has been spent attracting exciting, left-of-center acts. Club Space increases his draw.

The Space complex is going to have programming from Wednesday until pretty much Monday,” Sinopoli says. “Three that really stand out to me are Thursday’s Paradise in Space, Richie Hawtin’s PLAYdifferently on Friday, and the Martinez Brothers’ closing party [on Sunday].”

That's a cross section of the scenes on display this week, from the celebratory vein of Jamie Jones’ Paradise to the darker, dirtier tradition that Richie Hawtin represents. Jones’ forthcoming edition of his Paradise event series at Space was the result of letting the celebrated DJ and producer do his own thing. “We lined up a pretty significant budget to revamp Space’s decor inside of Jamie’s Paradise theme and style,” Sinopoli says. “They’re bringing in a bunch of designers and new people who are going to be taking over the space on Wednesday and Thursday to get it up to where it needs to be.”

That mentality extends to Sunday’s party, a stupidly stacked affair that will see the Martinez Brothers manning the Terrace while Detroit techno legends Carl Craig and Derrick May, accompanied by Berlin fixture La Fleur, see to it that another part of the club, the Loft, is grooving as well. All the while, German house duo Andhim will attend to the Ground, a third area.

Sound lavish? To keep things real, the Martinez Brothers and associates are hitting the streets to hand out flyers to promote the bash in addition to a social media push. It seems the vision of reestablishing Space at the vanguard of electronic music isn't a pipe dream; it’s already happening.

“[Artists] could just take the money, do the play, get off the decks, and walk away,” Sinopoli says. “But all of these guys have taken the extra time to really dive in, to layer the venue, to come up with ideas, to really enhance their performance; it’s not the typical pay-and-play. It’s really refreshing.”

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.