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Miami MC Thousand Releases Video for "Acid Trips"

I don't usually go around spouting the hip-hop Gospel, but I'll be damned if I don't happen to cross paths with some hot shit.

Here's a home-made video by my holmes Orion for Thousand's track "Acid Trips" and in true form, it is found footage from some arcane Japanese arcade video game titled Gokujyo Parodius and it hearkens to my Galaga upbringing and with the seconds of echo-y octopus tentacles. It works!

These are uncompromisingly modern MC's who've shunned the glitz and glam of the hip-hop game as they've been told. Enjoy your Akons and T.I.s and whatever the fucks you have, but that shit ain't real, blood. If it comes mass-marketed from a label, you just can't trust it. Believe the art that comes from the darkest recesses of shadows, the dreary, the hungry, the ones who rhyme because that is all they know.

That is true hip-hop, pretty bitches in thongs be damned ... or not. But still, know that the real shit comes from the vacuum of wiped-off excess, this exists in your backyard. Enjoy it. It is yours. The octopus saves the Earth.

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Abel Folgar