Miami Lakes Gets All Jazzed Up for the Seventh-Annual Concert on the Fairway

I guess we usually forget about Miami Lakes and muddle it with neighboring Hialeah or think of it as that place we must make the Palmetto curve on our way to Joe Robbie Stadium (or whatever the hell it's called this year). Turns out that Miami Lakes and its citizenry are avid fans of some sweet jazz, and the town's government takes note.

Atop the links of the Senator Course at Shula's Golf Club this Saturday, the Town of Miami Lakes gives back to its people with an open-air concert. The masses are encouraged to bring blankets, make camp on the course, and eat a packed dinner. Food vendors will also be available for those who don't own a picnic basket.

Onstage will be the always mesmerizing enchantress Nicole Henry and her Ensemble, who is one of South Florida's hidden musical gems. Her tender voice is one of current jazz's most evocative and powerful in range and she has already received numerous accolades for her international performances as well as for her work with the Cab Calloway Orchestra and the Julliard Jazz Octet.

felipe lamoglia.jpg
Felipe Lamoglia
No stranger to the revitalization of South Beach's recent jazz revival, Felipe Lamoglia and his New Directions in Afro-Cuban Beats will be taking the party up north. He's been onstage with jazz superstars Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis and Marcus Miller amongst others; while noted for a flair for composing and arranging, Lamoglia's true signature is the saxophone and his ventures into blends of Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music.

Silvano monasterios.jpg
Silvano Monasterios
Pianist-composer Silvano Monasterios was named by us "Best Jazz Musician in Miami" and his trailblazing work can be seen throughout numerous recordings of the genre which have garnered Grammy nominations. Alongside the Fourth World Ensemble, Monasterios is flanked by some righteous musicians who are virtuosos in their own rights.

Now that we've mapped Miami Lakes back into South Florida proper, it's nice to see a combined effort of governance and entertainment jump in on the renaissance of a musical scene that once, many, many years ago actually defined living in South Florida. Oh, and the event is FREE.

Nicole Henry Ensemble, Felipe Lamoglia and Silvano Monasterios and the Fourth World Ensemble. Saturday, November 20. Senator Course in Shula's Golf Club, 7601 Miami Lakes Dr., Miami Lakes. The concert begins at at 6:30 p.m. Call 305-364-6100 or visit

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