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Miami Heat: Six Types of Ride-or-Die 305 Fans

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Miami, we may argue about a lot of things. But if there is one thing we can all agree on, it's that the White Hot Heat are gonna win!

LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh, and crew have a way of uniting all sorts of people. Even the ones who can't afford a courtside ticket to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Just take the guys (and dames) who faithfully cheer on el Heat at Will Call. The level of fanaticism may vary from person to person. But they, without a doubt, feel the defending NBA champs down in the very bottom of their souls.

Here are six types of ride-or-die Miami Heat fans, straight outta the 305.

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The Tatted Lover

Last week, Issac Wood was sitting alone on a leather seat, watching the Heat take on the Indiana Pacers.

He was wearing a white LeBron James t-shirt and white headband - from behind, he looked like the MVP himself.

"I have a Heat tattoo," he said when asked why he considers himself a Heat fan.

"I got it when they lost to the Dallas Mavericks because I still had confidence," he said, showing off a black Miami Heat tattoo on his left bicep.

"And we're gonna win, I promise they gonna win."

The Loyal-to-the-End Fanatic

Alejandro Puga was wearing a red Wade jersey and having a drink with his friends. "I've been a fan since before they became big," Puga said.

"It's because he lives in Miami," his friend laughed.

"I've been a devoted fan for seven years and will be a fan no matter what because of the city," Puga barked.

Ride or die, bro.

The Fan Who Would Rather Go Camping With LeBron James

Sitting by the bar was Goat and Wolf, their "street" names. And although they weren't decked out in Heat gear, their passion spoke loud and clear.

"LeBron is the current leader that keeps the team together," said Goat. "Miami is all about winning."

Somehow, the conversation shifted from talking about the Heat to the rest of the not-so-successful Miami sports teams.

"I love the Dolphins, but if I had to choose who to go on a camping trip with, I would choose LeBron over Dan Marino."

The Guy Who Identifies Himself With the Players

At a high-top table near the entrance of the bar was Luigi Molina and Jesse Munoz, both clearly Heat fans.

"I've been watching them since 1994 and have never been on the bandwagon. I'm just passionate about it," said Molina.

"Dwyane Wade, I've been following him since he entered the league, and as silly as this sounds, him and I have a lot in common. I've read his book," he admitted.

"His kids are the same age as mine, we both went through a custody battle, and he's just a great role model."

So would Molina's Heat passion fade if Wade were out of the picture?

"I've just invested more passion and emotion on the Heat since he's been there."

The Fan Who's Loved the Heat Since the Beginning

Randall Baisden and his son had just witnessed the Heat victory at the AAA. His white, Heat-logo polo, Heat pouch, and red Heat foam finger made him stand out from some of the other fans that crowded the street.

"I've been a fan as long as there's been a Heat," Baisden said. "They put together a team that's a symbol of the city. Heat players are a symbolic group of players. We have local boys. Miami is Udonis Haslem's hometown. This is Wade County."

"My son also loves the Heat," he added.

Well, Randall, he has a very good example to follow.

The Team Player

Mireya Ortiz was dressed in Heat gear from head to toe. Literally.

"It's the overall team dedication," Ortiz said. "No one really is a ball hog, even stars like LeBron James, they're all team players. It's the team's cohesion.

"I'm from Houston, Texas, but I think there's a loyalty here," she added. "It's the fact that the pots and pans are expected when they win."

Pa' la 49 we go!

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