Miami Band Out of the Anonymous Releases a Psychedelic Video For "This Should Be the Place"

For many years I've regressed into the darkness of my home armed solely with the music these fuckers make. Why? Because it is good. It is ambient, it is paranoid, it comes from left-field, and it is made by some of the most unsung of unsung heroes we have here in South Florida: Out of the Anonymous.

Henry Rajan's been involved in a myriad of projects. From punk to funk to lounge to rock to electric-futuristic Italo-disco, he's held down the bass for many down here. Buffalo Brown's been hot with the elasticity of the Elastic Bond as well as numerous one-offs and sandal-clad mosh-pits across the tropical-scape.

And Ulysses Perez

... lordy-lord, talk about going back home and redrawing the

blueprints. This man's been a quiet part of South Florida's aural

history for the last twenty-plus years, making electric amalgams of

free-jazz, trip-hop, rock, and whatever-you-got. I've been sitting

eagerly since 2004's Masked Media, a guided tour of low-ends and delicious cacophonies that define the very best of the genre, if you can even peg a genre on.

These are thought-out jams that belie a crux in the time-space continuum. It's not for us to understand. It is for us to enjoy. Let us rejoice within their timelines.

The animation at the beginning of their just released 8+ minute video of "This Should Be the Place" is so simple, it might as well be a part of South Park's opening credits. But then color treated trees jump into the shot, and a dizzying sample of landscapes and lamp posts take over. Should we be wearing 3-D glasses for this?

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.