Miami According to Brooklyn

Most of these guys who hang out in this club scene crap have no respect for women whatsoever. They're just out trying to get their dick wet, which is horrible. I see it every day. I have literally carried girls out of here and other clubs I've worked at because somebody spiked their drink with something. And there are guys who see these girls as easy prey. It's very animalistic in a way.

But then again, there are also those women who take advantage of men, acting all cutesy and fucking kissing my ass to get free drinks. That happens a lot around here too. Because there are a lot of these girls who think just because they're cute and attractive, they don't have to pay for a goddamn thing, which is fucking stupid.

But honestly, that is the way it works. If a guy wants to try to impress a woman, he'll be like, "Hey, why don't I buy you a drink?" There actually are those few guys who are very sincere and would really like to meet a nice girl. But nine times out of ten, the club is not a good place. It's more of a meat market. At the same time, though, I have an amazing girlfriend, and I met her here, where I work, in a club. I met her through mutual friends, but I still met her in a club. So it can always happen — there are always those needles in the haystack.

And these things online like and crap are fucking horrible. Those things scare the shit out of me. You've got some poor sap in, like, Omaha, Nebraska, who thinks he's gonna meet some hot chick in a beach town somewhere. That's never going to happen, because nine times out of ten, what he's gonna meet is some 800-pound war pig.

The fact of the matter is that not every guy is a scumbag, but not every girl is a fucking princess either. Some of them are dumb sluts, and all they want to do is be seen with the right people, and they'll fuck whomever to be seen with those people, which is horrible. Maybe people should actually take time to go up to somebody with some sincerity and say, "Hi. How are you? I noticed you across the way, you're a pretty attractive person, and would you like to have a drink with me?" Sure, that could lead to some horrible rejection, but there are those times when that could have been the person who's your one, and you would never even know about it.

Five albums I'm listening to this week: (1) Lifetime, Jersey's Best Dancers, (2) Morning Again, Hand of Hope, (3) Murder City Devils, In Name and Blood, (4) Refused, The Shape of Punk to Come, (5) Sex Positions, Sex Positions.

Quote of the week: "Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit." — e.e. cummings

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Brooklyn, as told to Arielle Castillo