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Marley Family Launches Bob Marley Natural, "World's First Global Cannabis Brand"

As Bob Marley once said: "Herbs are good for every-ting."

Indeed, mon. And now Momma Marley and many of Bob's children have actually gotten into the ganja-selling game.

The family just launched Marley Natural, "the world's first global cannabis brand," set to start peddling product to potheads and Rastas in "late 2015."

There will be "heirloom cannabis strains, including some of Bob's Jamaican favorites," as well as "cannabis- and hemp-infused lotions and balms" and all kinds of weedy trinkets.

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The Marley family is mostly Miami-based. But alas, Florida just voted down Amendment 2, which would've legalized medical marijuana. So Bob's cannabis company (owned by Privateer Holdings and licensed by his relatives) has chosen NYC as the home for its hotbox corporate headquarters.

Over the summer, New York became America's 23rd state to pass prescription pot legislation. And it seems poised to approve recreational ganja smoking in 2015.

That timeline would jibe like Jah with Marley Natural's plan to begin selling buds, oils, and concentrate at the end of next year.

This weed scheme is just the latest in the Marley family's ingenious ongoing efforts to continuously stoke Bob's posthumous earnings.

Since his death in Miami on May 11, 1981, the reggae star's celebrity and income have only risen, risen, risen. And he is annually among the highest-earning dead musicians, alongside Michael Jackson, Elvis, and John Lennon.

Last year, he made $18 million dollars from album sales, Bob Marley speakers and Bob Marley messenger bags, Marley's Mellow Mood fruit drink and One Drop chilled Jamaican coffee, and so much more Marley swag.

And now that he's selling ganja... The harvest in dollars promises to be abundant. Especially since the worldwide weed market has been estimated at nearly $200 billion.

So how much money will Bob Marley make from the blessed herb?

Only Jah knows.

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