Marc Anthony - American Airlines Arena, Miami

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The crowd went apeshit as el cantante sang one of his most popular songs of all time, "I Need To Know." With nothing but a full band of guitarists, percussionists, singers, trumpets, trombones, and a keyboardist, Anthony's energy and salsa moves did not disappoint.

"¡Mi gente!" he yelled as he thrust his hips and got footloose on stage. "Check it out, baby."

It may have only been the second song of the night, but not a body in the arena, which at this point was filled to the rim, was sitting down when Anthony performed "Valió La Pena."

Every single person at the AAA, even those with absolutely no rhythm and who had no idea what the hell Anthony was saying, was shaking their ass y bailando.

"Buenas noches," the singer went on. "It's a pleasure. I don't have any words. Thank you for letting me spend the night with you all. We're gonna play a little bit of everything - old, new, some inventions."

"This next song, it's one of my favorites. It's the first time we play it. Check it out."

With the sound of the keyboard and congas, Anthony began crooning his fave hit, "Flor Pálida." The music started off like a sweet melody, but built up to una tremenda descarga de música.

"I feel like I'm home," el salsero smiled as he stared at his number one fans. "I feel like I'm with family. It's like we're at a barbecue y yo soy el primo que canta."

While Anthony perfectly summed up the vibe of the night, some people felt the need to take a break from all that ass shaking.

"Why are some of you sitting down? This is a salsa concert. Get up!"

The music definitely got the people bailando, but Anthony's energy and crowd interaction is what la gente seemed to really enjoy.

"¿Donde estan las mujeres?" he asked. "I ask because this next song is one of my favorites. It was recorded a long time ago with some lady that eh, no me caie bien. You with me?"

Wait, Marc, were you talking about your baby momma? We had no idea.

After throwing some more shade at J Lo, he went on to sing his solo rendition of "Vivir Lo Nuestro."

There were no hard feelings, though - Anthony just kept on with the show and even had an on-stage water fight with his band during "Contra La Corriente."

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