Madonna's Response to Deadmau5: "I Don't Support Drug Use and I Never Have"

​Appearing with electro-house meatball Avicii at Ultra Music Festival may be providing Madonna with a buzz boost on par with Betty White's reinvention as a party-rockin' hornball grams.

First, the entire world seemed to shit its collective pants at the mere sight of Lady MDNA onstage at Ultra. We even managed to stretch the story to three separate blog posts. There's no question: Madge's Ultra Music Festival cameo will be 2012's number-one moment in rave blogging.

But then, the plot thickened when DJ-producer-curmudgeon extraordinaire, Deadmau5, told the Material Mom to "fuck off, you fucking idiot" while delivering one of his signature rants about the purity of EDM. The Mau5 was particularly distressed about Madonna's shout-out to "Molly," a common synonym for popular party drug MDMA.

But now Madonna has issued her own hilarious response in the form of a picture addressed to "lovemau5" and posted to her Twitter. Check it out after the jump.

To offer a brief recap, Deadmau5 frantically talks a lot of shit about Madonna on the internet and she responds with, in so many words, "U MAD?"

Crossfade approves!

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