Locos Por Juana Head to New York For Latin Alternative Music Conference, Starting Tonight

The Latin Alternative Music Conference, or LAMC, descends once again on the normally peaceful city of New York. Okay, it's never peaceful, but from today through Saturday, at least one of the causes for all the ripples on the surface will come from the annual Latin Alternative Music Conference. 

For anyone making a trip to this veritable whirlwind of Latin's most diverse and promising acts, I'm jealous. It's been a few years since I've been able to attend, but let me tell you this: it gets nutty. 

And a few of SoFla's favorite sons have made the journey north to partake in the conference this year: Locos Por Juana. Bringing to the Big Apple, and the LAMC, their infectious blend of Colombian rhythms with reggae, hip hop and more, LPJ promises to leave the audience at their shows with tongues wagging. 

The band's LAMC events on the grid include a performance tomorrow at the conference and Thursday at La Poisson Rouge, but as we well know from WMC, there are many smaller non-LAMC sanctioned gigs ripe for the picking, such as a couple tonight at Chaca Chaca Knitting Factory and Sunday. 

The day after the dust has settled, the boys will stick around the city for the Otherground Music Series, before heading back O-Town way for a July 16 show at the Social. Then they finish the month back in New York before continuing what's shaping up to be a rather hectic tour schedule through the remainder of the summer.

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