Local Musicians: Borscht Film Festival Wants YOU

New Times loves the Borscht Film Festival and all the slightly off-kilter players behind it. That's why this year, the paper awarded Borscht Best Film Festival in our Best of Miami Issue. We also gave co-founder Lucas Leyva another nod for Best Local Music Video, for his surprising, Wynwood-centric clip for Rachel Goodrich's "Lightbulb."

One thing we here at Crossfade love about Borscht is its artistic cross-pollination between different sets of the city's creative thinkers. Music always figures prominently in the festivals films, parties, and side projects, with local acts either providing the soundtrack for the movies, appearing in the movies, or playing at release parties.

The festival just announced this year's call for entries, and with it announced a new music-specific project called Borscht's Auris (cleverly pronounced "Borscht-a-saurus"). For this, the founders are looking for up to six local musicians to be partnered with six individual "nationally recognized independent filmmakers." Each team will work together to create a "truly collaborative film that is inspired by the aesthetic of the music (not necessarily a musical or music video)." 

The short films will premiere at the seventh Borscht Film Festival, early next year, and may be sent to international film festivals, or distributed online or on DVD.

To participate, fill out this entry form, submit a music sample, and answer a short essay question (really) that asks: Uncle Al (RIP) or Uncle Luke, and why? No, that's not a very broad musical spectrum to write about, but hey, that's just our opinion. 

Entries are due August 1. Click here to check out all the other different projects currently bubbling in the Borscht kitchen. 

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