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Local Motion: Pool Party's An Almost Nearly Complete Anthology

Pool Party

An Almost Nearly Complete Anthology

(Livid Records)


In 2008, we saw the much-anticipated release of Pool Party's 25 Pool Party Sensational Hits. And though it was a much needed artifact, fans were disappointed by the omission of a few signature tracks.

It took two years, but Livid Records has done right by the fans, putting out this 32-track monster that encompasses pretty much every song recorded by this elusive outfit.

Incorporating elements of straight-up power pop with arena rock, Casio-tones, '70s European disco, and an unabashed love for Britain's Slade, there is a sharp difference between what we'll dub "demo" and "recorded" materials. The band's "demo" work shows a unique humorous sensibility. Take for instance "Pool Party Xmas," which is equal parts creepy piano love song and sing-along rocker that implodes into a bizarre reggae slow jam number. All that in a minute and a half!

This CD has twelve somewhat recently recorded tracks. The remaining twenty tracks are from Pool Party's "demo" era, which gained them a huge following in Iceland. And that's the secret behind these guys: Instead of promoting themselves in South Florida, they go and make a dent on Icelandic college radio. It was a little stunt that saw a couple thousand units moved in the island nation and led to a couple of appearances at what the band refers to as "Horse Aid Festivals."

Instead of dissecting the tracks, I will go on record and say that I'm elated about the inclusion of "Publix Deli Anorexic Bitch," one of my favorite Pool Party songs. That said, I'm pissed that these guys have not been able to track down a recording of their Halloween song, which is my next fave. Still, at $8, this CD begs to be bought pronto. If you like fun, you should get it.

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Abel Folgar