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Local Motion: Champion Sound's Dirty, Sexy Art Basel Mixtape

As kitschy and hardcore as I wanna keep my existence, every now and then a little crew comes out of left-field that makes me reexamine myself and my sensibilities. So much is true for the soldiering motherfuckers from the Electric Pickle's Champion Sound Wednesday party. These cats make me wanna hijack their record collections.

And like truly enterprising South Floridians, this past Art Asshole, um, Basel week they took to the streets with a modern version of the mixtape. Behold Champion Sound's Art Basel offering: Four sexy, dirty mash-ups that would make OBEY dude jealous as fuck. Lord knows I am.

I can't give you a full and detailed track by track breakdown. But I know this much: Clocking in at roughly seventy-seven minutes, these four gyrating, cock-in-pussy party tracks are some of the best offerings I've heard from locals in a hot minute.

DJ Sire Esq. gets it going with some Pulp Fiction quotes that segue into low-to-the-floor booty grinders with excellent horns. My boy DJ Manuvers keeps it going with his weirdly surreal Chilean soul-infused, dime-a-dozen '80s vocals that can get any party started. Meanwhile, Lumin offers the longest track on this disc and he brings it hard with a quasi-dancehall moment. And finally, DJ A-Train, better known as the dude who holds down the Vagabond's curious patio during the house music Saturdays, takes the boom boom a few steps into the realm of world music.

Whether it's for all ears or not, we really gotta recognize the awesome amount of excellent music occurring in our backyards. Honestly, Champion Sound goes down on Wednesdays at the Electric Pickle. What the fuck is better for you on a Wednesday?


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Abel Folgar