Local Motion: Bulletproof Tiger, The Starving Hearts EP

​Kristopher Huseby of Fireside Social fame is probably one of the better drummers we have down here, and it turns out he can pluck the bass and sing pretty well to boot. Enter Bulletproof Tiger, his latest, excellent project. The band just released its debut EP, Starving Hearts, which upholds the great old tradition of handmade covers. So take this little image to the right as a mere facsimile of the custom version you will receive if you purchase.

Rounding out this trio are Jessica Zarate on the drums and Miguel Alicea on guitar, with added gang vocals from an ad hoc crew of coed friends. As far as the sound, imagine the latter half of No Idea Records alum with the sensibility of Jade Tree Records/Plan-It-X bands and you'll be on the correct road.

Well, sort of. Bulletproof Tiger doesn't fall neatly into those comparisons, either. The band also boasts elements of experimental punk rock, along with moments of full-fledged hardcore that defy the incorrect "post-something" tag they'll garner.

I'm sorry. This is punk rock. Plain and simple and good. The five tracks here come up on the 28-minute mark.... And while that might not be "punk" enough for some purists who adhere to the two-minute cut-off, these tracks are complex and layered, and there's been obvious care during the creative process that should be acknowledged. 

And you know what? These complex layers are exactly what makes it punk rock. Solid guitar work, chemically balanced rhythm and fade-outs that create expectation and do not disappoint. Wheew!

So this is what I'll do: I will list the tracks in order and tell you that they are satisfying from beginning to end. "Conversations in Prague," "Starving Hearts," "Subtle Like Train Wreck," "Cut, Burned, Broken and Whole," and "Windmills" are the best almost-half-hour I have spent in front of my speakers in a while and you ,dear readers, if you know me by know, know that I don't spout stuff like that out without reason.

I have it in good faith that the ladies and gents from Tampa's Hold Tight! Records will be producing a vinyl format of this delicious slab for the fall season, so you should get that too. In the meantime, hurry to own a piece of true South Floridian art. No ground-rule doubles here, just sweet music.

Stream the EP below, and visit Bulletproof Tiger on Bandcamp to order your own hard copy for $5, or name your own price for the digital version.

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