Lil Wayne Starts Blogging for ESPN

So Miami-based super rapper/pop-star of the year Lil Wayne is now officially a blogger. He's recently started a weekly blog over at ESPN.com about his opinions on sports and, so far, it's actually enjoyable.

The first post of his was a little dry but it gave a glimpse into how much of a sports fan Wayne truly is. He claims he watches nothing but sports--no TV, no news, no movies, just sports. It's all believable. The only reason I have cable television personally is to watch sports--and Law and Order--but for the most part, sports, so I'm with him on that.

Wayne's second post, is much better and sets a good tone for what readers can expect--pure promethazine-fueled sports shit-talking at its finest. Not only does he say that Brett Favre is 3900 years old, but he's also bragging about his Fantasy Football picks. Let's go back a second, apparently, Favre is his favorite player of all time. Once again, I'm with him on that. But dude is 3-1 in Fantasy Football and I stink at it so our differences stop there.

Anyway, check out the blog--I'm not sure which day it posts to the web, but it's definitely written in his voice, and he's taking on all topics, from college sports to MLB and bigging up Man-Ram for staying focused with the Dodgers. It's surely worth paying attention for the next couple of posts to see how it all works out--and if you're a sports fan who couldn't care less about Lil Wayne, it's still a good read so far.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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