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Lil Wayne, Miami Heat Hater, Even Admits: They're Going to Three-Peat

Is Weezy squashing his beef with the Miami Heat?

Last year, the Young Money maniac declared war on King James and crew during an NBA All-Star Game weekend concert.

"Fuck LeBron! Fuck She-Wade! Fuck Chris Bosh! Fuck all them niggaas, man. And, and, and," Wayne cackled. "I fucked Chris Bosh wife!"

But now ... He's rooting for a Heat three-peat?

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Well, "rooting" would be an overstatement.

But while chillin' on the set of ESPN's First Take, Weezy did predict that LeBron, She-Wade, Chris Bosh, and the rest of the White Hot homies will win their third consecutive NBA championship.

Though host (and fellow Heat hater) Skip Bayless repeatedly tried to bait the YMCMB boss into another crazy anti-Miami rant, Wayne kept his comments nice and polite.

When asked, "Do you still consider yourself a Heat fan?" ... The rapper curtly replied: "I'm a Laker fan."

When asked, "How do you feel about the Heat, personally?" ... He smiled and said: "I think they're a wonderful team."

And when asked, "Are [Heat fans] bandwagon fans? Are they frontrunners?" ... He answered: "If the team's winning, you're supposed to root for them."

However, he did have some criticisms: "If [Mario Chalmers] don't show up [in Game 4], he gotta sit down" and "LeBron, he has a killer instinct, but it's off and on."

Still, even Weezy admits: The Heat will three-peat. "I say in seven."

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