Lil Wayne + Mayday = BFFs in New "Da Da Da" Video Shot Atop Marlin Hotel

As we mentioned this past Friday in

our weekly 305 Live local hip-hop news column

, Lil Wayne may be physically behind bars, but still, he's everywhere. This past Memorial Day Weekend may as well have been Weezy Weekend, as a barrage of new videos and remixes by him appeared, all recorded in a final scramble before he went away.

Among the most noteworthy -- and not just 'cause we're biased towards local love -- is the new video for Wayne's "Da Da Da," shot quickly atop the Marlin Hotel this past Super Bowl Weekend. It was part of a few days' flurry that saw Wayne quickly record a dozen videos for future release.

The final edit of the video, directed by local guy David Rousseau,

plays out more or less as a real-time straight performance clip, with

Wayne going crazy while backed by Mayday. In a Beatles-style move, the

rooftop gig was unannounced, and about half the video's shots are of

bemused but delighted fans below on Collins trying to get a peak.

The video debuted on MTV.com this past weekend

and, clever people they are over there,  there is no embedding of it

for now. (That behind-the-scenes clip above comes from hip-hop

photographer extraordinaire Derick G.)

Click on over here

to check out the video on the MTV site. For extra credit, stay put and scroll down to check out a couple videos Rousseau has directed for Young Money and Pitbull.

Young Money - "Roger That"

Pitbull - "Maldito Alcohol"

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