Lil Daggers' King Corpse 7"

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Lil Daggers
King Corpse Limited Edition 7" (Livid Records)

There's just something about a limited-edition record that makes you wanna go out, get it, and add it to your already overflowing collection of vinyl. But more enticing still? Psychedelic Miami rock 'n' roll crew Lil Daggers bringin' the heat on its 2010 four-song release, King Corpse.

The five-piece might advertise creepy back-scratching claws and blood-spitting zombies on its album covers, but we all know they're really just some cool-ass, costume-sporting dudes that hang "pegadito al International Mall."

Throughout King Corpse, frontman Johnny Saraiva's trademark mumbled whines cut so sloppily through the dark and dirty lo-fi goodness that even the Doors would be proud. He tosses off bummer rock verses ("I hear the end is near" and "Light one up and pass it here") in a way that makes it seem less like doomsday and more like an all-night rager. And that's how we like it.

Recorded with Ryan Haft (who most recently had his hand in Furious Dudes' Florida Sucks), this EP features melodramatically grungy tracks like the title track "King Corpse" as well as Miami-flavored cut "Ya Tu Sabes" and menacing ass-shaker "Hungry."

You'll need relatively long hair for jamming to this one, so start growing it out.

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