LeBron's moms and her boo on a trip to the vineyard.
LeBron's moms and her boo on a trip to the vineyard.
Via instagram.com/DaRealLambo

LeBron James' Mom Dating 31-Year-Old Miami Rapper Named Lambo

Love is a powerful thang.

So who among us will dare to ask why LeBron James' mom could have fallen for a man named Lambo?

That's right ... Mrs. Gloria James has a new boo. And he's a rapper from Miami who happens to be only three years older than her MVP son.

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Browsing through Lambo's Instagram account, it's obvious that LeBron's moms (AKA "WIFEY") and her 31-year-old rhyme-spitting boy toy are "loving the fun times" together.

In just the last week, they've taken a couple's cruise in Monte Carlo while sipping "@Kingjames@OWN@WINE#" in "FRANCE and celebrating "the 1st Lady [Savanna Brinson] B-DAY."

It even looks like Lambo has Lebron's full approval.

He regularly hangs with the James fam at home. He bros down at the beach with 'Bron and best buddy, D-Wade. And yes, he even gets to play with the King's championship rings whenever he wants.

"#I Neva had a role model until I met @kingjames," Lambo writes, glowing with admiration for his future stepson. "@Thanks Big Homie@Life is about being positive."

So ...

For all the critics of Mrs. James and Lambo's love, as he says on his one and only YouTube-available rap single: "You don't like the way I stunt? That's your fuckin' bidness!"

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