Lazaro Casanova's Soul Food EP

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Lazaro Casanova

Soul Food EP (petFood)

Miami's not really a house music town. Sure, we host WMC each year and we've grown a pretty banging (albeit small) scene in recent years. But the 305 is nothing compared to the seminal house communities in Chicago, New York, and Detroit.

Back in the early '90s, though, Oscar G and Murk Records single-handedly put MIA on the house music map with their sultry four-on-the-floor funk. But with the Soul Food EP, a delectable slice of soulful, jacking house, Murk may have found its rightful heir: DJ-producer Lazaro Casanova and his petFood label.

After being mentored by Oscar G in the studio earlier this year, Casanova made a notable leap in the maturity and songcraft of his productions, graduating from the percussive minimalism of his earlier efforts to more elaborate, song-oriented vocal forays.

Now get some Soul Food and keep listening to Lazaro in 2011.

Lazaro Casanova - Mhm, Yeah Yeah by lazarocasanova

Lazaro Casanova - Sun In The Sky by lazarocasanova

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