Late-Breaking: Dead Prez Tonight in Hollywood

In case you missed the news in the world of Myspace and blogs, Dead Prez is popping up kinda randomly for a show tonight -- a pretty good coup for a weekly party in Hollywood, known as Mellow Mondays. It's a soul-poetry-funk-conscious sort of thang, and followers of that scene will recognize tonight's host, Asia, a hometown boy who's also been featured on HBO's Def Poetry.

Jonathan Cunningham recently chatted with M1, half (along with stic.man) of the politically outspoken duo, and -- surprise! -- he's not an Obama fan. Well, he may just have to swallow it, the way things are looking. Anyways, read that interview here.

Dead Prez are no strangers to Mellow Mondays, but the last time they performed at the party was in January of 2005. However, the group's official output has been kind of scattered lately -- their last album together as Dead Prez was 2004's Revolutionary But Gangsta. Since then, they've been focusing on solo work (stic.man's Manhood came out this past November), mix tapes, and collabo-type stuff. But, a new Dead Prez full-length is supposedly due November of this year, so maybe they'll have some new material to air out tonight.

Visit the Mellow Mondays Myspace page for full details.

In the meantime, enjoy this clip of Asia on HBO, in which he performs a piece called "The Waiting Hour." -- Arielle Castillo

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