Last-Minute Heads Up: Gil Mantera's Party Dream at PS14 Tonight

If you don't feel like checking out Flosstradamus and Kid Sister up at Liv tonight, then you have a major not-so-secret treat in store for you over at PS14IamYourVillain is bringing you Gil Mantera's Party Dream. Thank God for that sweet, sweet Scion money. 

GMPD is a duo plus drummer --okay, a trio -- that brings forth the party in full effect with an over - the - top live synthesizer - fueled  performance. Their shows are legendary for their outrageousness, sexual tension, and silly fun.

Youngstown, Ohio has always been known as a hotbed of over the top 1980s revival bands and GMPD is no exception. Okay maybe that's not true, but these guys are indeed Buckeyes and everyone who has ever seen them, ever, has said that it was a super funny and crazy time. For some reason they landed on Fat Possum Records, which is a blues/roots type label for the most part, but hey, a label is helpful sometimes. Check it out, this! 

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