La Roux Shows at Both Culture Room and Mansion Are Canceled

It's been a banner year for La Roux, who has gone from hipster favorite stateside to somewhat unlikely mainstream crossover. (Really -- "Bulletproof" has been in heavy rotation on local pop station Y100 for a minute now.) Still, the whirlwind of touring and activity can wear on someone, and unfortunately, it's all caught up with frontwoman Elly Jackson.

La Roux has been forced to cancel its entire North American tour -- including its planned South Florida stops at both Culture Room and Mansion -- on doctors' orders. A lingering case of bronchitis for Jackson has now compounded into pharyngitis, according to a statement on the group's official Facebook page:
Elly has been struggling with bronchitis for the last few months and after her show in LA contracted pharyngitis. 

Her doctor has advised her to rest for three weeks so unfortunately she'll be unable to continue with her American tour. 

We are endeavouring to re schedule as many of the cancelled shows for November as possible , an announcement will be made shortly.

Disappointing all around, especially as Miami artist Panic Bomber was scheduled to open at the Culture Room show. Contact your point of purchase for refunds.

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