Kenny Millions on My Hoe Wants to Paint Project: "F#$% Art, Can't Make No F#$%ing Money With It"

To really understand Kenny Millions' My Hoe Wants to Paint project -- performed once, this evening, at Electric Lunch, the new outpost of nomadic art collective The End/Spring Break -- would require a semester's worth of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and in-depth research on both Pierre Scaruffi's History of Avantgarde Music and

But hey, it's 2013 and nobody really understands anything anymore. At least not if it exceeds 140 characters.

So we recommend kicking back and letting the weirdness that is reality wash over you like oatmeal on chicken pox.

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Millions is a former Motown session player and participant in the Lower East Side's storied loft free-jazz scene, but he's put all of that behind him in favor of getting onstage at Churchill's Pub in Little Haiti to scream vulgarities, drool on himself, skronk the ever-living fuck out of his saxophone, blast excerpts from radio rap bangers in between unrepentant, full-volume abuse of his electric guitar, and pantomime a variety of lewd actions with one or more inflatable girlfriends.

Most recently, the Renaissance freak entered a juried exhibition in which pieces were scored based on -- according to the judges -- how little the artist behind the work actually cared. The less caring, the more points.

Millions entered one of his blow-up dolls positioned like it (she?) was painting. It didn't win, but Kenny was so inspired that he will be hosting an encore viewing this Friday.

Crossfade sent Mr. Millions some questions to learn more about his artistic platform. And what we received in response was shit-jazz beat poetry, in-character musings on prostitutes with art aspirations, and a firm insistence that we spell the word ho with an E.

What is the origin story behind My Ho Wants to Paint? What inspired it? What is the message?

My hoe should be hustling her ass on the street making me some fucking money, but she now thinks she's a fucking artist. And if she don't get her ass back on the street, I'm going to go upside her head. Fuck Art. Can't make no fucking money with it.

We know you're a musician and a poet. Is this your first foray into sculpture and/or visual art?

I've painted and created visual installations at various times during the course of my long career as an artist.


so you wanted to be

a fucking artist

ha ha

you did it

you performed



Will you be participating in any way? Maybe working on your own canvas?

I will be providing the appropriate music during the event in order to inspire MY HOE to paint. She will be painting with the musical performance.

How might you respond to feminist critiques of My Hoe Wants To Paint? What would you say to someone who calls the work sexist or misogynistic?

motherfuckers keep fucking with my shit

this is how

I talk

this is my language

what's wrong

you don't like it

are you


by the actual



literal implications

or are you


by my madness

you want

your art

to be soft




that appeals


the snob that you are


I can't give you


you want

nor can I

help you out

spoon feed you

with niceties


cozy reassurances

your problem

too complicated

a waste

of my time

your life



Kenny Millions: My Hoe Wants to Paint. Thursday, March 14. Featuring Kenny Millions presenting his masterwork installation and performance, My Hoe Wants to Paint. The End/Spring Break, 176 NE First Ave., Miami. For more info visit the event's page on Facebook.

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