Kat Stacks Claims She Was Almost Poisoned at Burger King By Vigilante Employees

Alright, alright, we'll stop blogging about Kat Stacks, hip-hop's Internet enfant terrible ... when she stops being so entertaining. Plus, it's Friday -- not a day to think about anything serious.

The latest piece of Kat drama: People are supposedly now trying to kill her. But not in the way most of her online saga-watchers have surmised, which is through random street violence designed to shut her up quickly. No, it appears that random groupie-haters are now trying to get to her through her fast food.

Seems that while traveling through Florida for the various club appearances she's been making, she got hungry and stopped for a meal at a Burger King. Problem is, the workers in the back were fans of WorldStarHipHop or something, and she claims they decided to make things right.

She hasn't Tweeted about the incident again, though, nor made a video about it, so it seems to be but a ripple in her ocean of drama.

For Kat, we suggest eating organic for a while. To the anonymous alleged BK worker poisoners, though, we suggest you pick your battles more wisely. Your favorite rapper doesn't care if you're dousing a Whopper with Windex in defense of his honor.

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