Kanye West's Dating Kim Kardashian, Threatens Chris Humphries on New Song

Yep, it's official. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are doing

it, and they're in love.

Or at least that's what West said on his new track, "Theraflu,"

produced by Miami's own DJ Khaled (We da best!).

But that's not all the contro rapper revealed in his new

spot. He also laid down a threatening verse aimed towards Kardashian's

basketball playing ex-boyfriend/70-some-odd-day husband, Kris Humphries. So, obviously this relationship

is trill serious.

According to the lyrics, Mr. West has had a little crushy

crush for a long time.

"And I'll admit, I fell in love with

Kim / 'Round the same time

she had fell in love wit' him / Well,

that's cool, baby girl, do ya thing / Lucky I ain't have Jay drop 'im from the team."

Turns out Jay Z owns the New Jersey

Nets, and Humphries barely escaped with his position intact.

So, wait. Kanye West held himself

back for once? He didn't throw a temper tantrum and have his bestie kick his

rival out of a job? He must be growing up.

We take that as a sign this relationship is going all

the way.

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