Kanye West Hires Skrillex to Produce Next Album, Maybe DJ Wedding to Kim Kardashian

"Yo Skrill, College Drop it hard!"

Or, uh, something like that ... It came out yesterday that Skrillex got all up in the studio with Kanye West, and as far as Skrill knows, he worked on a track that will be West's "first song" on the follow-up to Yeezy's 2010 slab, My Beautiful Dark, Twisted Fantasy.

Some fans are freaking out. Like, "Will this change the Skrillex sound?" Or, "OMG Kanyubstep?" But here's what we here at Crossfade wanna know: Will Skrillex become the world's heaviest wedding DJ for Kimye's inevitable knot-tying celebration?

What the hell do you play at Kanye's wedding? Duh, you play Kanye. You play 808s and Heartbreaks in its entirety. You play a "Niggas in Paris" mashup for, like, an hour. You play 100 dubstep remixes of "Perfect Bitch." Or at least a single reworking of Ye's "love song" while Kim walks down the aisle, hopefully half-naked.

We can see it now ... Kanye stands proudly at the alter, all white everything from head to toe, his shoes literally glowing, and his diamond teeth proudly displayed in a smile. Kim walks down a red carpet that's been unfurled between a veritable who's who of American culture, music, and style.

Meanwhile, in the corner, Skrillex is all, "Why can't I hold all these bass?"

But maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. We guess we'll just wait till it leaks.

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