Juanes Join Harmonix's Pantheon of Hard-Rocking Badasses

Well, it seems that Miami's most famous Colombian resident is once again making waves, and this time it has nothing to do with heated debate over Juanes' well-meaning Peace Without Borders concert in Cuba (which didn't go quite as planned). It's not even about the release of his upcoming and much anticipated album, from which "Yerbatero" has already performed strongly. But make no mistake, this news is big.

Harmonix and MTV Games' announcement came yesterday that the Latin pop-rock superstar would not only have his number one hit "Me Enamora" featured on the upcoming Rock Band 3 (due out in October), but another five songs will be available as of next week from XBOX 360's Rock Band Music Store, providing fans six different opportunities to step into Juanes' shoes. He'll be joining the ranks of other badasses ranging from Foo Fighters to AC/DC and Interpol to Guns n' Roses. But it's the first time ever a Latin artist will have hismusic featured in the groundbreaking series.

However, when you're a Grammy winner, a staggering 17-time Latin Grammy winner, a multi-platinum selling artist worldwide, playing on Jay Leno and regarded by Rolling Stone  as one of the "world's biggest rock stars," just calling you a "Latin artist" doesn't quite cover it anymore. And Rock Band featuring your music in their game? Well, that just seems like a logical move.

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