Jorge Moreno

Latin Grammy-winning rocker Jorge Moreno's new bilingual album El Segundo is cultural hodgepodge that seamlessly shifts from alternative tropical rock to British pop and touches on all points in between. The album's first single, the brooding, lovelorn "Avión" ("Airplane"), mixes bachata with rockabilly. Elsewhere, "La Cama" ("The Bed") spruces up cumbia-rock with a vibrant horn section, while the melancholy acoustic guitar picking of "Lights Flashing" returns to folk rock in a poignant homage to late singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley. El Segundo is a bizarre trip through time that recalls Beny More, Celia Cruz, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Sui Generis. Not too many musicians could pull this off, but Moreno does it with apparent ease.

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