Jimmy Edgar Talks Magick, Studio Wizardry, and Hypnotic Power of EDM

As you read this, a lot of would-be Jimmy Edgar imitators are sitting in their bedroom studios scratching their heads and wondering why they can't sound like him. That's because nobody sounds like Jimmy Edgar except Jimmy Edgar himself.

From the start, his sound was so freethinking that the Detroit native was only 18 and producing his first tracks when he got tapped by the UK's legendary Warp Records -- a bastion of genre-defying sonic outlaws like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and Boards of Canada.

But that's not to say Edgar's sound is inaccessibly cerebral, dance floor-clearing "IDM." Take Majenta, his latest long player on Hotflush -- a slab of deep sexed-up future funk, arousing mind, body and soul in equal measures.

Ahead of a headlining gig on Friday at the Electric Pickle with SAFE Miami, we here at Crossfade caught up with Jimmy Edgar to talk about the last album, his occult interests, and EDM as a form of meditation.

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Sean Levisman