Jennifer Lopez, Neon Trees, Magic! and Nick Cannon - iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party 2014

Jennifer Lopez, Neon Trees, Magic! and Nick Cannon

iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fun Fact: iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party is short for "The Jennifer Lopez Hour."

Well, there it was. The end of iHeart Radio Ultimate Pool Party weekend. No one thought it could get much better than the previous evening: Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande, Tiesto and Lil Jon. A pretty good lineup, indeed.

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But we didn't know is that it all had been leading up to this: Jennifer F-ing Lopez.

If you felt the mood in Miami change last night, it's because the city of Miami Beach became hers last night. Oh and all the ladies in attendance became very happy to know if that is what 44-years-old looks like, we will all be fine.

But wait -- we are getting ahead of ourselves.

To kick off the affair, we were all informed that "tonight, unlike last night," it would all be filmed for a CW special to air in a few weeks. Remember CW? Yeah, apparently that is still around.

The filming included many producers asking the crowd to "look excited," "Dance!" "Clap!" We were their puppets, and hey, it wasn't too bad.

The first band out was Neon Trees. We had the pleasure of seeing the group a few weeks back and knew that lead singer Tyler Glenn is possibly one of the best performers in pop. Think Freddy Mercury meets David Bowie.

While we couldn't help but shake our asses like we were in da club, the audience wasn't really feeling it and/or just taking in the scene. But Tyler wasn't having that shit.

"Stop treating us like we are an opener, OK?" he told the audience. A few minutes later, "Listen. I am 30, from California, I'm white, believe in God and I'm gay. So dance, OK?"

While it didn't take too much more convincing, the crowd started to let loose. But after the last song, "Everybody Talks," the lead singer dropped the mic, Beyoncé style, and left the stage. Was he pissed? Is that his typical goodbye? Eh, we will never know.

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We were all hyped up on great music, but that came crashing down when Nick Cannon took the stage to handle hosting duties.

At least he wasn't in white face, so we suppose that is good.

Finally, Mr. Mariah Carey introduced the band Magic!

You might not know the name, but there is no doubt you have heard their hit "Rude" on the radio. They started with that song, played one more and bounced. Yes, they played two songs. It wasn't magical at all, in fact.

Then you could feel a change in the air.

The stage was getting a big makeover, the lights were low, and you could feel it: J.Lo was getting ready to grace us with her presence. And that she did. Oh, did she!

Again, the evening should have been called "The Jennifer Lopez Hour."

Guests of iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party were not given a J.Lo show, but a full-blown concert. There were dancers, smoke, beautiful costumes, the works.

She reminded us why we fell in love with her in the first place, with "Get Right," and showcased the new album with her hit "I Luh Ya Papi." If anyone in attendance wasn't a Jennifer Lopez fan, they are now.

She is an icon, a diva. And we are officially obsessed.

Critic's Notebook

Evening Highlight: On Friday night, Ariana Grande didn't walk the red carpet because, her people told us, "she just wasn't in the mood." Last night, though, Jennifer Lopez talked to each and every member of the media on the carpet. Hey, little girl, take note of how the superstars do it.

Personal Bias: Where was Pitbull? Where was Ja Rule? Where was French Montana? We were hoping for at least one celebrity stop-in during J.Lo's set, but then it wouldn't have been all about her. We get it.

Final Thought: Jennifer Lopez is our spirit animal. The end.

Neon Trees' Setlist

-"Sleeping With A Friend"

-"Lessons in Love"

-"Love In The 21st Century"

-"Text Me in the Morning"

-"Everybody Talks"

Jennifer Lopez' Setlist

-"Get Right"

-"I'm Real"

-"Wrong When You're Gone"

-"I Luh Ya Papi"


-"First Love"

-"Good Hit"

-"Jenny From The Block"

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