Jacobs Ladder Releases New Music Video for "Ring Ring"

The last time Jacobs Ladder's Sammy Gonzalez chatted with Crossfade, he was preaching the gospel of classical guitar.

But these days, Gonzalez is grooving on his band's ever-evolving "Miami Reggae Rock." He and bandmates Oren Maisner and Brian Hernandez "are really into the sound and are gearing up to start playing a lot of shows again."

In the meantime, though, Sammy, Oren, and Brian have released a new music video for "Ring Ring," a track inspired by the "ending phase of a relationship."

Directed by New York filmmaker Patrick Kendall, the clip features a cameo from New Jersey-based reggae artist Ras Emmanuel, having fun and lending an air of Jamaican-ness to these otherwise peculiarly pasty South Florida boys.

Maybe if they shot the video in the sun and not in the shade of an overpass, sweet tans could've been achieved.

But even without a decent dose of vitamin D, this vid puts the next phase of the Jacobs Ladder master plan into motion. "We have our eyes on landing some heavy tours and festivals this year," Sammy says. "It'd be nice to play Warped Tour again, even SXSW. It's right around the corner [and] we have our fingers crossed."

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