Jacob's Ladder, Ex Noriegan, Radioboxer and More, at Churchill's Tomorrow Night

The weekend is at long last upon us once again. Perhaps, you had a few cross words with days Monday through Wednesday this week, sullenly gave Thursday a wary, sidelong gaze whilst tiptoeing around it, and now find yourself damn near giddy as a schoolgirl for the arrival of dear sweet Friday, eagerly awaiting the five o'clock whistle blowing (you do drive a brontosaurus in a quarry for a living, don't you?).

Well, if you're looking for the best way to blow off a little steam this weekend, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better outlet for venting stress than power pop powerhouse Jacob's Ladder's tour kickoff tomorrow at Churchill's, where you can simultaneously enjoy loud rock and cheap beer.

On the bill, some quality homegrown acts, including garagey power-pop outfit Ex Norwegian, none of whom have ever really been Norwegian, to our knowledge, but they still kick ass. Radioboxer

will also be in the hizzy, too, treating show-goers to an

alt-rock-induced tizzy that tends toward the intense. In fact, lead

singer Vane Dazza's been known, on occasion, to beat up on other

members of the band while caught up in the moment. Which would be fun

to watch, even if they didn't rock. But, of course, they do. And, of

course, what would a Jacob's Ladder tour kickoff be without, you

guessed it, Jacob's Ladder? Incidentally, their bassist--and we may

have mentioned this before--has one of the most awe-inspiring 'fros in

town, perhaps rivaled only by Tony "Smurphio" Laurencio's.


there are more bands still on the lineup, including Zen The Band and

Dirty Hooligans. Not to mention an acoustic stage featuring, among

others, Terrell Lloyd and Danielle Steele, who we didn't realize also

played guitar, in addition to writing crappy novels that only moms read.


Ladder's Tour Kick-Off, Saturday, May 15. Entrance is $8 in advance or

$10 at the door. At Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE 2nd Ave. churchillspub.com

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