Isaac Delgado, La India, and Tito Nieves Perform Together at the James L. Knight Center, August 6

Salsa lovers of the world unite! There's going to be a whole lotta cadera- (hip-) shaking at the James L. Knight Center on August 6, during the show dubbed "Juntos Por Primera Vez" (Together for the First Time).

The tropi-tune extravaganza will feature a few fan favorites from the salsa realm: Isaac Delgado, La India and Tito Nieves, who, as the name of the concert would imply, are going to be joining up to share the same stage for the first time ever. It's not a tour, either, but a special, Miami-only one-off.

Isaac Delgado is a singer and performer from Cuba, who just made his way stateside in the last five or so years, when he literally walked across the U.S.-Mexico border into Laredo, Texas. But, having started out in Cuba with Orquesta de Pancho Alonso in the early '80s and founding NG La Banda later in the decade, Delgado is no rookie.

La India you may recall from her freestyle days, when her hit single "Dancing on the Fire" ruled the airwaves. But just as likely, you know this Puerto Rican songbird as La Princesa de la Salsa (the Princess of Salsa), a nickname given her by no other than La Reina (the Queen) herself, Celia Cruz.

And Tito Nieves is, of course, one of the old school badasses in the genre, his career as a top-billed salsa singer ranging back to the early '70s. You don't get nicknamed the "Pavarotti" of salsa for nothing, after all.

Issac Delgado, La India, and Tito Nieves. 8 p.m. Friday, August 6. James L. Knight Center, 400 SE 2nd Ave., Third Floor. 305-416-5970; jklc.com

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