Is Kanye Dropping a New Album This Year?

I'm labeling this post as Bossip because thus far, news of a new Kanye album is still a rumor. But according to various retailers (Amazon and Target.com specifically) who must be trying to drum up anticipation for the holiday shopping sprees already, rapper Kanye West may have a new album in stores before Christmas.

Yesterday, both companies posted details about the new Kanye album, tentatively titled, 808s and Heartbreak, on their websites which has created lots of interest on the Internet already. The first single from the album is called "Love Lockdown" and it seemss like Kanye might have created an entire album around heartache.

To hear a lo-fi version of the track, click here. I can't believe Kanye gave into the vocoder craze btw!

The full details about Kanye's new LP and a possible release date haven't been confirmed yet by Def Jam, but now that the news is out, expect to hear more on this very soon in a official capacity.

My guess is, Kanye wants to crank out a new album by the end of the year to be in contention for another Grammy! He finally won Best Hip-Hop album last year at the Grammy's and I'm thinking he's doing this to give Lil Wayne some serious competition. As more info comes out, we'll keep you posted.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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