Is Amy Winehouse Smoking Crack Again?

That's the question British police are asking her and according to this storyfrom MTV, as of today she's being detained for the second time in as many weeks by authorities.

This time, it's over a video that's been circulating the blogosphere for several months that clearly shows Winehouse smoking crack.

If you want a link to the video, go here.

Now she's back in a police station as I type dealing with questions surrounding the video tape. With a good attorney (which she clearly has) she should beat this rap. Hell, she just beat an assault charge last week for slapping someone (although when a woman slaps a man in a public place, there's usually a good reason for it and any prosecutor that wants to take it to trial needs a life), but this video is definitely damaging. It's her. And she looks high enough to eat a comet. I'm sure more news on this will break as the day continues, but as for now, Amy Winehouse and her local police precinct are getting reacquainted.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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